PP Tape

PP Tape

PP juosta(polipropilenas)

PP tape is designed for packaging various products. Used to attach cargo or other products to a pallet, or to tie them together. The tape is flexible so it adapts perfectly to products of different shapes. Metal locks, wire clamps are used for strapping, in other cases plastic locks (clamps) are used as an alternative.


Product Name Thickness, width, length Unit Minimum Purchase Amount
PP tape 12mm/0,8mm/1800m. Roll 1 roll
PP tape 15mm or 16mm/0,8mm/1800m. Roll 1 roll


Wire buckle/clamps


These clamps and locks are designed to reinforce PP or PET strips. Packaging devices assist in fastening.


Product Name Size Unit Minimum Purchase Amount
Wire clamp
vieline sagtis
13mm/ 16mm. Piece 1000pcs./box
Metal lock
metaline spynele
13mm/ 16mm. Piece 3000pcs./box ir 2500pcs./box
Plastic lock
16mm. Piece 1000pcs./box


Trolley for PP tape ID 200

The trolley is designed for PP tape with a roll inner diameter of 200mm. With spring brake, metal, light, easy to use.

kaupaka vezimelis pp juostai




PP and PET tape tensioner

pp/pet juostos itempejas

The device tightens and cuts the tape. Suitable for work with PET and PP tapes with wire buckles (can be used with metal locks, plastic clasps) .

  • Tape width: 9 – 19 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.5 – 0.9 mm.
  • Weight: 1.4 kg.


Corners under PP tape

plastikiniai kampai

Plastic corners – used under PP tape, to protect pallets, cargo without damaging them during transportation, as well as from external factors. The corners come in two types L-shaped and A-shaped.


Product Name Quantity Minimum Purchase Amount
L shaped angle

kaupaka kampai pp juostai

Piece 2000 pcs. (box)
A shaped angle Piece 1000 pcs. (box)


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